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Welcome to the The Fierce Social Society!

I've been a content creator for almost 10 years. First starting as a beauty blogger creating makeup tutorials on YouTube & now for myself as an Influencer & Founder of my own company, The Fierce Social Society. I loved learning about strategies & data that would help me grow in the beauty industry but this was something I did on my own time never thinking it would one day come in handy.

When the pandemic hit & the world went in to lockdown, like many others I lost my job & found myself with a lot of time on my hands. So I put it to good use & dove head first into social media.

Before I knew it, I was booking 1:1 coaching sessions, launching a group coaching program, creating online courses & finally, launching the FSS Membership that would help female entrepreneurs & business owners just like you scale their business using Instagram.

Since the launch of the FSS Membership in January 2022, we have now expanded the program to include not just Instagram, but multiple social media platforms as well as management systems.

I am so thrilled to be able to offer these courses to help you master social media so you can start seeing the growth in your business you've always wanted!

See you on the inside!

love, Mandy Emerson

Have you ever felt like everyone else on social media has cracked the secret code while you're left feeling lost?

Good news!

There is no secret code - just effective marketing & that is exactly what you're going to learn here in the Fierce Social Society!

The Fierce Social Society



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Lifetime Access to the Exclusive Members-Only Community



Email Marketing 101

Management + Automation Systems

1 Month Access to Trainings + Group Coaching with Mandy


"It was the missing piece or my puzzle. Everything was put into perspective on how to grow my followers that actually benefit my business. I have seen nothing but growth and gains since working with Mandy!"

Misty Waller

"I am so grateful for the knowledge I have gained from coaching with Mandy. She really helped me shift my mindset from looking at vanity metrics, to trusting my niche and engaging with ideal clients. As a result I have seen gains in product sales and my email list increased by 150 customers in about one month. "

Marie Morris

""Mandy was AMAZING and I am so so happy and thankful I took the leap to work with her. Not only did I feel empowered, inspired, and excited to take reels on but I finally felt like Instagram wasn't going to suck anymore (Insta and I haven't gotten along in the past). The results... IMMEDIATE! I am SO excited to see where this gets me.""

Hannah Johnson

""Whether you had some reels knowledge or didn’t know anything, there were so many takeaways for both skill sets! I learned so much about creating transitions, hashtags to use, and how to make the process so easy and fun!""

Avery Yaktus

"Mandy was fun, excited, and super personable. I was very nervous, but she was like talking to a best friend about my goals and aspirations for my platform. She has great ideas and inspired me to step out of my comfort zone! Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Mandy will not be disappointed! "

Alyssa Hiser

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